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01 Feasibility Study

Initial Meeting



& Applications





3-4 Weeks

4-6 Weeks

8 weeks minimum
with the LA

4-8 Weeks

05 Interior Architecture

Forming the brief

Submission the LA for planning

Invitation to Tender

Building Contract6 Signed


01 Feasibility Study

6 Weeks

16 - 48 Weeks

01 Feasibility Study

Often our clients are unsure about what they want, you may have a vision of what you want to end up with but you are unsure what can be done with your property or achieved on your budget.

The feasibility study is a design service that provides you with a cost effective method of exploring your homes potential without committing to measured surveys and to a lengthy design service. We use existing plans (either from your sales listing or from other sources) to produce hand-drawn sketches of what could be achieved. We also explore your brief for the project, your budget, planning constraints and technical constraints during this step of the project. 

02 Measured Survey

02 Measured Survey

A measured survey is when a surveyor comes to your property and takes measurements of the structure. This enables accurate drawings of the existing building to be created. These drawings form the foundation of the whole design process.

This is a survey for design purposes only and is not a survey to assess the condition of a property. It is typically carried out by the design team, who come to your home and measure every detail by hand using digital Distometers which is then converted into 2D CAD format. Our more complex surveys are often outsourced to a specialist surveying firm with 3D scanning equipment. 


Example survey drawings

03 Concept Design

03 Concept Design

During the concept stage we start bringing ideas to life as 3D models and drawings, meeting regularly with you to review the evolving designs. 
We develop the construction strategy and provide you with an outline architectural proposal, an outline specification and preliminary costings.
At this stage we can involve planners for pre-application advice to make the planning permission process smoother if required. 


04 Planning 

04 Planning

We build on the design work from the previous stage, coordinating the architecture with structural elements and building services so everything integrates seamlessly.

Using detailed graphics and virtual reality tours, you'll see how your home will look before work begins.

Finally, we ensure the designs comply with building regulations before submitting your planning application, liaising with the Local Authority until its determination.


Example concept drawing

05 Building Regulations

05 Building Regs

We are able to provide a full building regulations service for your project. We our extensive construction knowledge we can produce all the technical information required for a building regulations submission. 
Building regulations approval is a statutory requirement set by the government. It ensures that buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and Associated Legislation. it deals with aspects such as structure, insulation, safety, drainage and electrical works. 
We provide a full package of drawings, alongside a specification for submission to building control and liaise with the LA until approval.


Example building control drawing
06 Tender

06 Tender Pack

Once approval is given, we can compile all drawings and documents and create a tender pack. This includes all standard letters, tender return form and a recommendation for the contract type to appoint your chosen contractor. This allows you to obtain accurate quotes that closely reflect the works required, providing contractors with the right information. 

07 Construction

07 Construction

Building work begins and your design comes to life. We administer the building contract, regularly visiting the site to make sure the work is the highest standard and in line with our drawings and specifications.

We then liaise with the contractors, monitoring their ongoing progress to make sure you’re only paying for high-quality work delivered on schedule.

  • Building begins

  • Regular site visits monitoring progress and assuring quality

  • Regular review of contractor work and payment

Client on site project photograph

08 Handover and Close out

08 Handover

Now construction is complete, we make any final inspections and resolve any outstanding issues.

We also regularly check in with you to make sure you’re happy with your new home.

  • Final inspections

  • Final accounting for the project

  • Check-ins to ensure you’re happy

Client completed project photograph


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