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3D Design Services

Architecture Virtual Reality

In a fast moving world, NERD is keen to continue to invest in new technology and enhance communication of our designs with our clients. Over the past couple of years we have invested in software that enables high end rendering of our 3D models, that same software also facilitates an immersive virtual reality experience of our designs. 

3D Visualisation 

3D visualisation is one of a few key tools at our disposal and a core part of our process.


We produce all of our visuals in house as part of an interactive design process.


Every image is shared with our client to aid in the decision making process and is included in all our design packages at no extra charge.  


Extension Visual
QR House Plan

Interactive Floor Plans 

We have used our project, Mulberry House as a pilot for new design techniques including Virtual Reality (VR) 360 degree renders.

Scanning QR codes on an 'interactive floor plan' unlocks a series of 360 degree views of the proposed internal & external spaces. These can be viewed in any place with an internet connection, either directly from a smartphone or through a VR headset.


Scan QR codes with your smartphone to view the internal & external spaces.

Virtual Reality 

Wearing a headset from the comfort of your own home, it is possible to look up and get a feel for what it will be like to stand in your home as it would once works have been completed. With this design software, we can show you what your new spaces would look like at all times of day, giving you a feel for how light interacts with the space and how it might feel to look out of that new window. 

Whilst it is exciting to explore the design in this way, using VR also has a practical purpose. Communicating the design with clarity and making key decisions before construction is now more effective. Once the design process is complete, our clients have the confidence to progress knowing exactly what will be created for them. 


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